• So heres my little Christmas follow forever,You know i had to follow this trend lol. Okay well if youre in this you must mean something to me! I just want to thank everyone for dealing with me from my ratchet days all the way till now… With all of my annoying textposts and my complaining about my life and boys and all of that. Thank you. Some of you i dont follow but you are all in my heart because you message me alot and i love you okay and im not putting this in abc order because im horrible at it and just yes just be happy youre here.


Just want to list my friends that i can always talk to and i have a very close bond with. I love you guys because you guys are like always there for me and i appreciate you so much okay? You guys know my better than i even know myself. Thank you for listening to my venting sessions , my annoying ass complaining and most of all thank you for giving me advice. You are beautiful and special and anyone who is friends with you is very lucky and one day id love to meet with you all. Thank you for just being you. You niggas better not complain about the order okay lol this is in no order!!!!!! If i forgot anyone im sorry its because you werent in my inbox but ill add you as i go okay

Gracie | Chloe 


If you are here its because i really love your blog. I only follow about 80 blogs so you all should feel very lucky because you have become the chosen ones. Lmfao i should stop playing but seriously all of your blogs are so pretty and your edits are so amazing. Thank you for giving me pretty things to reblog. Some of you i talk to all the time or i see you making text posts on my dash and you guys make my day and you all make me feel like i can relate to you guys so i love you and i hope youre happy youre here. Oh and there is no order okay.

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