I will never lie even if that nigga flew me and my bitches all the way out to Dubai

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That’s why you mad…

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FIRST & FOREMOST: you need to educate yourself on the definition of race and racism.

Race is a social construct (meaning it varies in different societies) of physical traits in order to lump together different ethnic groups with similar features and establish a hierarchy based on those similar features.

Using this definition, and the history of who has been considered at the top of said hierarchy, it is not possible for me to be racist. For me to be racist, I would need to have the power to oppress those who are considered “lower” on the hierarchy chain. Is it possible to be prejudiced? Yes.

But I am not prejudiced.

The reason I do not like Macklemore is because his music is mediocre. His lyrics may seem deep but they are superficial and utilized to grab your attention, not for the sake of RAP (Rhythm and Poetry).

It is pure pop, not hip hop, not rap.

Would you consider Pitbull or Flo Rida rappers? You better not. Because they are pop artists.

As someone who grew up listening to REAL hip hop (Wu-Tang, MF Doom, Little Brother, Nas, Tupac, The Roots) I can CLEARLY declare that they are not within the realm of hip hop or rap.

And DO NOT tell me skin color is my reason. Eminem is one of the illest rappers alive and he is white. The man can spit bars on a level Macklemore cannot reach. Hell I’d give Action Bronson a LOT more credit than Macklemore.

What I do not like is the privilege given to Macklemore (IDGAF how many times he’s talked about/is aware of it/made a song about it). It is frustrating.

You expect me to believe his work was better than good kid M.A.A.D city, Nothing Was The Same, Yeezus AND Magna Carta Holy Grail???????

Dismiss yourself from my presence.

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This makes me mad on so many levels. 😠😤😩

Title: UnknownMy Nigga
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Justin is bae but that was stupid of him

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And for him to smile in his mugshot is immature! It’s like saying fuck you. You can’t be mad at the police officer for doings his/her job. 

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Iv’e been a fan of Justin since i was what? 12? 13? I’ve been seeing all this stuff hes been doing and i’m honestly surprised it took awhile for him to get arrested. Idc….. I don’t support this one Justin! Id let him sit for awhile because hes so reckless right now…. Like he needs to think. Hes underage and he could of killed someone…. like yall are crazy if yall think he should be bailed out after a whole 8 hours. I’m sorry but no. 

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